Overland Advice Series, part 9 of 10:

Spend a long weekend in Puerto Vallarta and it’s easy to believe you’ve mastered the Spanish language. The reality is you know how to order a beer and ask for the bathroom. That margarita weekend won’t get you far at the Guatemala border crossing.  The first step is to admit ignorance.

How far you stretch your Spanish skills will determine how your trip will play out. It’s entirely possible to get by on the usual memorized phrases. But with an increased comfort level, your options for exploration expand enormously and as a bonus side effect, costs go down. When you find your organized campground no longer exists and you’re 200 miles from the   Continue reading

Southwest Patagonia

Northbound on RN 40, Argentina’s granite spires and snowcapped peaks grow more prominent emerging from the arid plains stretching endlessly east. These mountains were the destination for Yvon Chouinard’s famous PanAm journey with Doug Tompkins in 1968. Inspired by the area, Yvon would go on to found the Patagonia brand. Similarly, Doug started his own little company called The North Face.

Officially Patagonia is a large geographical region in Argentina and Chile (i.e. ‘The South’ in the US). It begins south of the Rio Colorado, 400 miles south of Buenos Aires stretching from coast to coast, 1,000 miles down to Tierra del Fuego. A Buenos Aires newspaper described it as “…just emptiness. A back alley where different cultures swirled   Continue reading

Haters Gonna Hate

Editors Note: this is part one of a ten part series we are doing on overlanding advice.  Future PanAm overlanders this is for you.  We will be posting these each Sunday.

Let’s start by telling you the following:

You are going to be okay

You will definitely be inconvenienced. Something you bring will probably be stolen. There’s a chance you will be mugged.  But, there is a 99% chance you’re going to walk out of this with two arms, two legs, and a tale as big a Paul Bunyan.

When we first thought up the trip, we thought we might be some of the first people to embark on the journey.  While unique among Americans (we estimate less than ten   Continue reading