Why on earth are you doing this?

Among our chosen peers and mentors we share a mantra. It is simple: live better. Amidst change, we felt we were not living up to our end of that bargain.  And associating with a group like ours, it is not long until seemingly impossible ideas take root. We hope to lead a life that leaves our grandkids inspired, not a life of we-should-haves. This is our chance to re-evaluate, to hit the reset button.

It may also have something to do with Logan’s deep-seeded fear of Bed, Bath and Beyond.

What do you plan to accomplish?

Logan: Surfing Baja breaks at sunset and standing atop the highest mountaintop in Peru. Getting back to the basics and deconstructing.

Brianna: Reigniting my passion for story through pen and paper. I’d also like to flex my left brain muscles through the education and execution of foreign languages.

Together we hope to inspire. Whether it is as big as quitting your job to launch a business or just signing up for a Wednesday night bowling league, your crazy, impossible idea shouldn’t sound as crazy after reading this.

How long will you be gone?

The PanAmerican Highway has been driven in 24 days, motorcycled in 34, and biked in 261. It’s been walked in 5 years.  Our journey will be about a year.

Are you prepared?

This has been a vision of ours for almost two years. Over hundreds of hours we’ve obsessed over the big stuff: Honduras border crossing, Federales in Baja, immunizations; an embarrassing number of hours on little things right down to the best brand of shocks for the Tundra and which tire repair kit to take along. Prepared for the worst and hoping for the best, we are confident we have the knowledge and tools to handle whatever the road throws at us.

Are you nuts?

Yes, according to the news channels we should be dead before Baja. Looking at the facts, we may be better off than you. The murder rate for US citizens in Mexico is lower (15 murders per 100,000 Americans) than many US cities; Baltimore is 37 per 100,000. Cruising around Maryland more than doubles our chances of being murdered. But numbers and statistics aren’t the issue.  It’s fear.  You may fear the unknown. We fear winding up like the 40,000 Americans that die each year driving to places they don’t really want to go.

What are your long term plans?

This is phase two of a lifetime of adventure. Upon our return, a relocation to the High Plains or Rocky Mountain region is on order.

How can you afford anything of this magnitude?

Living simply.

The 15 months spent saving was half the reward. We plan on selling everything prior to departure and continuing to live austerely in order to stretch the funds we have. The total expected cost is less than driving away from an Acura dealer in a fully loaded 2011 TL. $30 buys one person one day in paradise.

Start saving, start dreaming.