About Us

Brianna Haifley. I was born and raised in in Southern California. I spent the better part of my adolescence within the chilly confines of ice arenas, unconscious of the warm waves of the Pacific just a few blocks from my front door. I didn’t truly relish the coastal serenity of California’s southern half until my college years at UCSB. I nursed a lifelong passion for literature in Santa Barbara and cast  new alliances with the sun and sea.

After graduation, I headed north looking for a challenge. I have found and conquered many in my three years in San Francisco. Working in advertising operations at the San Francisco Chronicle and SFGate.com has provided for a truly unique life in the Bay Area. I look forward to an adventurous future with happy anticipation.

Logan Pribbeno. I was born and raised in small town Western Nebraska.   My childhood idyllic, with my formative years spent in the sand hills of my family’s cattle ranch.  After high school I pointed my Jeep west and spent four incredible years at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  Out of that experience I left with a degree in economics, a wonderful woman, and an appetite for inspired living.

For the four years before embarking on the trip, I held San Francisco as base camp nursing an addiction to outdoor sports while working with the talented people at Frank, Rimerman + Co., a boutique accounting and consulting firm.  My passion is chasing adventure and exploring the great outdoors.

Upon our return, we plan on relocating to the High Plains or Rocky Mountain region to mull over life’s next great adventure.

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