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Tierra del Fuego: Where the PanAm Ends

We are Logan and Brianna of PanAmNotes. We set out in January 2011 to drive the Pan-American Highway and concluded our journey after 15 incredible months on the road. Our blog became a space to encourage other travelers, dreamers, adventurers. We set out to chronicle our experiences in a way that that showed the truth behind a crazy idea. Adventures like ours are more than possible and we hope that whatever your big dream is, you follow it, immediately.

Check out our latest exploits at RanchNotes, or relive the PanAm glory days here.

Our Route

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Preparation and Leaving the U.S.

First stop in Mexico


Central America

Costa Rica

South America



Peak Bagging in Peru


Salar de Uyuni Bolivia

Argentina and Chile

Ojo del Inca Bolivia

Buen Viaje.

2 thoughts on “Hola

  1. I stumbled across your site a couple months ago after I purchased a Palomino Bronco. I dreamt of taking this same trip back in the early 80’s but it never materialized. What a great adventure! You two are so lucky to have found each other and share the same wanderlust and determination to follow your dreams. Thank you for the great stories of your adventures!

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