Fellow PanAmerican Explorers We’ve Met:

Luis & Lacey, Californians currently on the trail: Lost World Expedition

Friendly Norwegian couple in a modified Nissan Patrol: unUrban

A fun loving couple with years of overland experience: Adventurous Spirits

A couple Germans and a highly modified Landcruiser: ToyoTours

Stevie and Tree, true nomads on the road indefinitely: SprinterLife

A Scottish couple with tons of great info: Nessie’s Adventures

The New 2012 PanAm Overlanders

Ruined Adventures – from Texas to Argentina in a 4Runner

Home on the Highway – James and Lauren on adventure

AdventureAmericas – Taco and a Phoenix camper tackle the PanAm

World Apprentice – Jeremy volunteering his way through the Americas


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  6. Hello there, most of these are people in cars or 4by4s’. Did you come across anyone on a bike?