Bronco 800 Modifications and Maintenance

Camp anywhere in a truck camper

History: The Bronco was initially purchased by an elderly California man in 2007.  It sat unused in the temperate California climate for 3 years.  My wife and I purchased it used in October of 2010.  At that point we removed the plastic covers on the bed mattress, smoke alarm, and appliances.  It had not been used until we took ownership.

It was stored outside during this period and thus the exterior decorative stickers are starting to crack.  In November of 2010 I re-caulked the roof and side seams, the only other damage caused by the UV rays.

Fridge, stove, sink, and furnace

Interior of the Bronco

Key Features

  • Lightweight pop-up for off-road maneuverability
  • Low profile when popped down – access places RVs cannot!
  • Queen Sized Bed – no pullout or extension necessary
  • Large 3-way Domestic Refrigerator with Freezer
  • Overhead Air Conditioning Unit
  • Security feature: rear door cannot be opened with top in down position
  • Lots of in-camper storage (4 overhead, 2 cabinets, 2 drawers, 1 closet, 2 bedside storage, closet etc.)
  • 8 Power Outlets (2 on rear exterior wall)
  • Surprisingly spacious interior: 6 foot 9 inches (2.1 meters) wide
  • The seating area converts to a small bed (37 inches by 64 inches) (94cm by 162cm)
  • Will fit into a High Cube container for easy shipping

Bronco 800 layout

Modifications & Upgrades

  • Jerrycan & mount
  • New Big house battery (AGM DieHard Platinum Group Size 31M)
  • 2nd 12v House Battery (doubles as emergency starter battery jumper)
  • Digital battery monitor (voltage reader)
  • DC-DC 7.5 amp Power Stream battery charger (runs off the truck alternator and offers staged charging profiles)
  • Rubber truck bed mat
  • Spring-loaded Stainless Steel turnbuckles
  • Torklift Front tie-downs for secure frame mounted attachment
  • Bumper button for the rear anchor points
  • Re-caulked roof and side seams (instructions here)
  • Camper lights converted to LED (big power saver)
  • Air dam under cabover made of 4×4 vinyl posts (better MPG and reduces wind noise)
  • Shackle paddock for rear door with eye bolts for added security
  • 220V – 110V 1,500 Watt Voltage Converter
  • Temperature gauge (inside/outside)

Bronco 800 Interior #2


  • Garden hose
  • Solar Shower (sun shower)
  • Water filter (pre tank)
  • Shovel
  • Mag light
  • Combination Hitch Safe in rear for storage of spare keys (included)
  • Two tubes of camper sealant/caulking with caulk gun

Overhead cabinets and removable table

The Ugly

  • The plastic windows on the pop-up material can be zipped down for ventilation.  On two of the windows the mesh/screen material has ripped.  We seldom use these screens as the 3 real glass windows offer enough ventilation options.
  • The camper originally came with 4 jacks protruding from the sides for removal of the camper.  These were removed and left in the states for a lower profile and lessened weight.  They are quite heavy and can be picked up on your visit to the US.
  • The exterior stickers are faded
  • In the Central America heavy rain season some water was getting into the exterior front panel.  This has not been a problem with the intermittent rain in South America.

Beachside Boondocking in Baja

Full-sized entry door and ample storage

Overhead cabinets and appliances



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