100 Miles of Struggle

The Darien Gap is a 100 mile stretch of FARC infested swampland dividing Panama and Colombia. The last successful overland vehicle crossing of this road-less wonder was completed in 741 days between 1985 and 1987. Did you catch that? Two years to travel 100 miles. Lacking unlimited time, we opted for a cargo ship which would haul our truck around the gap in just 24 hours.

What we assumed would be a $1000, one week ordeal transformed into a one month non-inclusive ($) course on Latin American Business Practices. The curriculum included Language Clarification (yes means maybe and no mean perhaps), Specialized Accounting for Budget Oversights, and Advanced Time Management with an emphasis in Official Stamp Accumulation.

A detailed rundown   Continue reading

Santa Catalina

After countless trips to secluded surf spots throughout Central America, we have found the best breaks are protected by the worst road conditions. Santa Catalina was another end of the road surf town where we were happy to finally put the truck in park and set up camp for a few days. In the end, the waves and the atmosphere were well worth the frustrating trek.

Santa Catalina is a one horse town that shares a singular Edge connection as their internet source. Despite this, it is the most revered surf spot in all of Panama. We both found out why first hand, jumping on Logan’s board and testing the playful waves which broke in long, rhythmic sets. This was   Continue reading


After a steamy couple of days in Pavones Costa Rica, we set our sights on the sleepy mountain town of Boquete just across the Panama border. We were looking forward to a little tent camping and a cooler climate.

The town is a growing haven for retired expats and the tourism industry is booming. We took advantage with a trip to the Finca la Milagrosa coffee estate where we met Senior Tito, a man with true passion for the coffee seed. The loan officers of Panama did not share his vision for coffee production in this valley. With no financial support, Senior Tito took matters into his own hands and built most of the complicated machinery required out of his   Continue reading

Costa Rica Panama Border Crossing

This was our first non-weekend border crossing and we were slightly nervous this would mean the end of our luck painlessly hopping borders. Making our way from Pavones to Paso Canoas took about three and a half hours, setting our arrival time at noon. While we were examining the signs on the Costa Rica Aduana window explaining they had been closed the previous two days for a conference, an armed guard emerged from the bank next door to lock up for the two hour lunch break. Uh oh. We would not be the first travelers caught in a shady border town waiting out the lunch hour(s) in the heat of the day. Fortunately we had no use for the bank   Continue reading