Puerto Escondido: Surfer’s Paradise

We arrived in Puerto Escondido after a full day of driving (450KM and 9 hours). The directions to our campground went something like this: Drive toward the beach and turn left. There will be an alley. Ask around for Elba.

These directions (which worked surprisingly well) will give you a pretty good feel for the soul of Puerto Escondido. This international surfer’s paradise has earned the award of ‘most likely to return to’ in Mexico. The mellow vibe was so infectious, we felt transported not only in place but time as well.  Continue reading

First 30 Days Q&A

We are now in Southern Mexico with one month behind us and 2,700 miles on the odometer. We are thoroughly enjoying Mexico but are traveling rather rapidly in order to experience the more distant cultures of Central and South America with ample time. We asked our Facebook fans what questions they have for us and we have so enjoyed contemplating the answers, we hope to do this type of post regularly – keep the questions coming!

Do you feel safe?
Yes, we have not had any issues. We don’t even have a ‘friend of a friend’ story to share. Of course we are taking precautions such as never driving at night and always camping in a formal campground or with   Continue reading

Central Mainland Mexico

After arriving in Mazatlan via ferry we refueled our minds at Starbucks and quickly headed to Stone Island, outside of town and accessed by miles of rough dirt road. After leaving Mazatlan we spent a week driving down the coast of central mainland Mexico, by way of Mex 200. We made stops in Sayulita, Melaque, and El Faro; each town showing it’s own unique flavor.

Sayulita, just north of Puerto Vallarta, was abuzz with tourists. This town is clearly one of the resilient American hotspots. We spent a few nights tent camping at the surf break in town. El Faro was far removed from everything. We camped behind a beachside restaurant among vacationing Mexicans with a pension for Bob Marley.   Continue reading

Americanos Solo

As the sun begins to dip lazily into the aquamarine horizon, we stroll from the camper to Ana’s bar and pull up a sandy stool.  This joint fills up fast. Everyone is a local, they all know Pepe (the bartender) and he knows them too. A couple regulars meander behind the bar to mix up their own Micheladas. These locals aren’t of the Armando and Maria variety, they go by names like Rick and Margie and 90% of them hail from beautiful British Columbia (eh). The place is abuzz, these folks are an absolute riot. They have stories we should be writing down, and man, can they dance. In this five dollar per night paradise, we are awash in a   Continue reading

Baja California

Our first state, Baja California, gone just like that. So far, in Mexico, we have spent every night in the camper. Compared to our usual tent camping, this is the tops, a deluxe apartment in the sky. Each campground has provided anything our camper lacks (hot shower, toilet, wifi). For an extra five to ten dollars we could sleep on someone else’s bed for the night since most campgrounds are connected to a motel or hostel, but we greatly prefer The Beast.

Driving with a camper does not pose much of a problem as the speed limit is 50 miles per hour max (80KM, we are still getting used to the conversion) throughout Baja. We have shucked enough junk already   Continue reading