Central Mainland Mexico

After arriving in Mazatlan via ferry we refueled our minds at Starbucks and quickly headed to Stone Island, outside of town and accessed by miles of rough dirt road. After leaving Mazatlan we spent a week driving down the coast of central mainland Mexico, by way of Mex 200. We made stops in Sayulita, Melaque, and El Faro; each town showing it’s own unique flavor.

Sayulita, just north of Puerto Vallarta, was abuzz with tourists. This town is clearly one of the resilient American hotspots. We spent a few nights tent camping at the surf break in town. El Faro was far removed from everything. We camped behind a beachside restaurant among vacationing Mexicans with a pension for Bob Marley. Melaque was subdued, we were once again the only Americans in town. We spent the evenings strolling through the town square conversing with locals and snowbird Canadians.

Our spirits rise along with the temperature for each new adventure.

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