Kill Your Microwave

About three years ago it was revealed to me by our good friend Ty (and Logan’s roommate at the time) that Logan’s primary diet was made up of three things: bacon, whiskey, and microwaveable popcorn.

A close up never looked so good

I was appalled but not entirely surprised. My husband considers himself to be something of a connoisseur when it comes to that delicious corn of the popped variety. When Orville Redenbacher’s came to Costco, we suddenly had a membership. Heaven forbid we NOT buy this stuff in bulk. I warn you all, do not ever bring up Act II popcorn in his presence, just don’t.

You yella bellied, lily livered, Act II pedallin, son of a gun

It may come as quite a shock that popcorn was eliminated from our lives for months. In Sucre, Bolivia when we saw a corner store with a microwave set up outside just to pop his favorite treat, Logan stopped to stare. No we didn’t buy any, we went home to The Beast to pop our own. That’s how it’s done at camp PanAmNotes.

PanAm Popcorn

You'll find a lot more stuff on the ingredients list of the microwave version

  • Pour a thin layer of cooking oil into a medium sized pot. The oil should cover the base of the pot.
  • Drop in three to four kernels and set the burner to low heat.

This step is critical, don't skip it!

  • When you hear them pop, pour in the rest of your kernels. One layer of kernels in the pot is a good amount for two people.

Oh it won't be long now...

  • Cover the pot and wait until you hear the popping slow down. About two seconds in between popping sounds is a good time to turn off the burner.
  • In the already heated pot, melting butter is quick and easy.
  • Drizzle butter, salt and pepper to taste, and serve.

By now we know you're probably off hunting down a stick of butter, we understand


One thought on “Kill Your Microwave

  1. Ha! Lauren is going to love this, we have been going back and forth about buying a popcorn maker for the truck. It seems like the ultimate roadtrip food, easy to store, good for you, and you can eat a boatload without getting sick

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