This year we won’t be able to partake in the turkey and mom’s famous creamed corn, nor the annual premiere of Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation.  So digitally, we’d like to give thanks to all those who have supported us in our 20,000 mile journey.

Dreaming of turkey in Argentina

  • Michael and Marla Fryman
  • Will and Robyn Haifley
  • Jeff and Connie Pribbeno
  • Babette Pribbeno
  • Robert Schwabe
  • Monica C. Buhler Zorn
  • Nathan Schouest
  • Kay Yu
  • Dolly Parker
  • Ty Walrod
  • Jake Schutte
  • Steve Stubbendick
  • Nicolle Monico
  • Max and Emma Pribbeno
  • Michael McCormick
  • Paul Arterburn

From family members, to unemployed friends, and even complete strangers, your generous support via donations is heartwarming.  Patagonia has been our ultimate destination since the beginning and your support buys us a little extra time, and a little extra fun in this extraordinary place. Feast heartily and give an extra embrace to your kith and kin for us.  Salud!


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