Parked at home in San Francisco we had no trouble picturing the end of the road.  Southern Argentina’s Patagonia, Ushuaia, Bariloche, they each stood out in our minds as a beautiful way to finish the journey. So now that we have entered the country, we set out to explore the landscapes of Northern Argentina not knowing what to expect.

Just getting started on our way down Route 40

Dropping down from the Bolivian Altiplano we have taken every advantage of the warm weather and the ability to be outside without down jackets after 6:00pm.  Our surroundings have been startlingly desert all the way down to Mendoza, much like the American Southwest.

Detour to the beautifully deserted Parque Nacional Quijadas

If we ever made the mistake of thinking we'd seen it all, RN 40 proves us wrong

You can smell the wine from here, literally

Binging on civilization we’ve hit each of Argentina’s major wine growing regions. Having wasted away many afternoons in Napa Valley, we are much obliged to do the same here with their unique Torrontes and Malbec varietals.

Proclaimed as one of the best in the region, Esteco's wines did not disappoint

We’ve rarely bush camped in this region because of the plentiful and cheap camping options.  Great campsites here only cost US$7. We’ve heard this all changes from Mendoza south but we’re appreciating the cheap plug-ins while we can get them. For now we’re moving slow, killing time and drinking wine, until the Pribbeno clan arrives for Christmas in Buenos Aires.

Argentina: Where losing a war over a territory doesn't mean losing the territory

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