Best of 2011

One year spent zig-zagging from the mountains to the Pacific Ocean across two continents. Traversing over the varied landscape of Central and South America depending our on appetite: white-sand surf break or a crisp mountain morning? A wild dream turned reality, we still wake up some mornings forgetting our location and laughing with the sunrise at the day’s potential.

Our back porch in Baja California

Recently we were asked about “the highlights” in an interview. We quickly reeled off the top ten starting with beachside camping in Baja and concluding with off-roading the Bolivian altiplano. Only after a small pause for consideration do we both realize we exchanged vows in Costa Rica back in March. You know you’re having a good year when a beach-side wedding, your beach-side wedding, sometimes slips your mind.

2011 was all about execution and exploration. It’s been a year of highlight after highlight. 2012 will be a change of pace. We sense a year of reconnaissance and foundation pouring. We’re just as excited for this challenge as the day we put the last San Francisco sunset in our rear-view mirror.

A walk in Peru

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One year’s worth visualized View PanAmNotes Route in a larger map

6 thoughts on “Best of 2011

  1. What kind of gas mileage are you averaging?  What range do you have with your fully loaded vehicle?  Getting ready to do the same thing.

    • Hey Bob, we get 12-18 mpg depending on the road conditions.  If you are used to interstate cruising you will find your MPG will increase (slightly) in Latin America due to speed limits which are seldom above 60mph.  Our range varies greatly also but we can generally depend on 400 miles from our 100L tank before utilizing jerrycans.  Hope this helps!

  2. Oh boy do we miss being on the road!! I am beginning to doubt we will ever settle down, we are born to wander the planet and blogs like this just reinforce this!!
    Safe travels

    • Yes sir, we have been following along on your blog to see when our paths meet.  We are now on RN3 express to Ushuaia.  From there we spend the next 2 months heading north exploring Patagonia, southern Chile and the Lakes District.  I suspect we will find you soon!

  3. Just read your interview in Truck Camper Magazine.  Very informative and inspiring.  Our first TC experience was this summer on 7000 mile loop across the US.  I’m hoping your blog will inspire my wife to look toward the possibility of doing something like your trip sometime in the future.  Time to start learning Spanish.

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