Trout Therapy

The Seven Lakes Drive would be our last dance with the Beast and we set out to choreograph a graceful exit. Logan geared up with a rod and fishing license. I shuffled through our pile of unread books and picked some favorites, more than ready to forget myself in someone else’s adventures.

Lakin' and bakin'

There would be no more kidding ourselves about the end.  This was it and it filled us both with a deeply unsettling heartache. A final dirt road venture would be our coup de grace.

This was our kind of PanAm perfection, deserted roads, lonely landscapes, crystal clear lake water, sunshine, and a roaring fire each night. Wide open space filled only with our quiet thoughts and the occasional parrot’s cry flitting across the water and in between the trees.

Lone sunset caster

Not about the catch


Rum and coke sunset

All in the wrist

We spent more time living outside during our tour of the Lakes District than we had in quite some time. There was a natural ease about it and it felt like a fitting throwback to our first days on the PanAm.  Nothing could stand in the way of our excitement for the unknown, the thrill of daily uncertainty, the giddy anticipation for places just like this.

Many toasts were made, campfire conversation was ample, a few books were read and no fish were caught.  Seven lakes and seven days came and went.

Where we worship

Total calm derived from the simplest of pleasures

PanAmNotes' last campsite

"We'll tell our grandkids about this one."




10 thoughts on “Trout Therapy

  1. Well done you two!! A beautiful finale to a beautiful journey. We’re gonna miss sharing this adventure with you, but at the same time I’m excited about what’s ahead for you. 

    Keep shining you pretty stars! 

  2. I think all of your followers feel a little heartsick at the last hurrah, too.  Thanks for taking us along for the ride!  Reminds me of a quote from Mr. Wizard on the Bullwinkle Show:  Trissel, Trassel, Trussel, Trone.  Time for this one to come home!  (Of course THAT was proceeded by, “HELP, MR. WIZARD!”)  Anyway, we look forward to having you back on this side of the Panama Canal!

  3. Gorgeous post but I”m heartbroken that your journey is ending and we’ll no longer to live vicariously through your adventures until we are back on the road. I hope you keep the site going so we can hear about life after the road and the continuing plans for the future.

  4. Well hell of a trip you two.  Well done!!!.   My wife and i have been reading your post religiously since you have started and it has been an inspiration and a hole lot of great info.  You see we have been planning this pan am  trip for 2 and half years and it has consumed our lives.  as you know there is a lot of prep in this sort of adventure.  It really helped to have your real time post going on to give us the courage and persistence to continue saving and planning.  I spent many a mornings reading your posts at 6 am before going to my dreaded job outside all day in wy in the winter.  Yes, when I was on frozen scaffolding 30 feet off the ground nailing siding with my numb hands on some millionaires house  and it was 20 below i went to my happy place.  that happy place was with you all on the road.  You were my light at the end of the work tunnel. 
    I am happy to say I no longer have a job and the bank account is fat and plump.  The truck is sitting out side in the snow finally finished and that new camper looks so good sitting on it.  We even pulled out the awning the other day and sat in the freezing jackson hole winter and drank some beers, pretending we were over looking some tropical ocean.  We leave in less then two weeks and we both feel better prepared and more relaxed about the dangerous world out there because of your blog, so thanks a ton for all the hard work and inspiration.  Iam sad to see the blog go.  however instead of reading your blog in the morning i guess i will just have to wright ours instead.  Feel free to visit meg and I at .  maybe if your having a bad morning before work you can visit and let the good memories roll back.  keep on dreaming and go big.
     thanks for everything, Jed and Meg.  ps will be in moab first week of april if your rolling to colorado that way,  may be some cuba libres? 


    • Jed and Meg, this puts a huge smile on our face.  We will definitely follow along and hopefully meet up one day (our time in Colorado will be short, so I don’t think we’ll make it over to Moab).
      You’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.  Get STOKED.

  5. Well… Its been a helluva ride my friends. Thanks for everything you
    have shared with us. Look forward to meeting up with you guys when our
    trip is complete, I have a feeling it wont be the last “roadtrip” either
    of us make. Buen suerte con todo en su vidas.

  6. Congrats you two.  Way to finish it out strong!  This has been one of my favorite trips to follow along with, so I’m a little teary-eyed that there won’t be any PanAm Notes posts from the South anytime soon.  I’m sure there will be many more adventurers who will try to fill your rather large shoes, but none will have that same flare or gusto.  I only hope that your assimilation into the life of a norteamericano is easy, and promise me that if there’s a future Logan & Brianna adventure, you will let your readers know!  Bien viaje amigos.

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