Nicaragua to Costa Rica

After getting through Honduras, we are starting to feel like old pros as we pull up to each new border station. Feeling like the worst is behind you lends a new sense of confidence as you wave away the helpers and focus more intently on your surroundings.

Exiting Nicaragua early on a Saturday morning was a breeze. We entered just behind a large tourist bus and had a big line ahead of us at immigration. Coming from the Bay Area, waiting in line for various permissions and permits is a custom with which we are all too familiar. Bribery and extortion are rare here and making it through is merely a matter of getting yourself in front of the right   Continue reading

Nica Part Two

Before venturing to San Juan del Sur we tried our hand at Lago de Apoyo and Granada.  At Apoyo the budget camping and kayaking options were limited so we opted to skip over to Granada which Lonely Planet described as “Nicaragua’s golden goose of tourism.”

In the goose we found a few polished streets with potential but nothing that could hold our attention.  It reminded us of Antigua Guatemala with less Latin charm.  Venturing two blocks from the hostel rich town center in any direction revealed a different city and seedy locales.  We found two cities: one built for the tourists and one left to the locals.  Perhaps because we arrived with jaded attitudes (something not uncommon among overlanders) we   Continue reading


Nicaragua is not a country either of us could have easily placed on a map two years ago. Now as overlanders, places like these are the most exciting on the itinerary.  We entered from Honduras heading for Esteli. It took more than  few hours to loosen the tensioned grip on the steering wheel acquired during our one day trek through Honduras.

Once relaxed, we came to realize this as our new normal: driving country through country, exploring Latin American surf breaks and mountain towns.  Studying our guidebooks and maps, embracing the unknown ahead, and those moments of uneasy frustration and trepidation; we’ve been doing this for 60 days. Any departure from this routine would be foreign to us now.

Once   Continue reading