Life for Sale

Offering to sell your life is not a unique endeavor.  Remember this guy?  His life sucked and he wanted out.  Our life is awesome and we want to pass along the torch.  We have other dreams that need to be chased down.

Time to Upgrade

So buy (almost) everything we own.  We’ll set you up with maps, campsite coordinates, and everything you need to live the dream.

Let’s make a deal.

On sale at select outlets this winter just in time for your New Year’s resolution to live better.

4 thoughts on “Life for Sale

  1. Seriously???what are you two up to? Hmmmm, wish we were able to come down and take over for you! Can’t wait to see what is up next for you but we’re so thankful for all your useful advice up until now.
    Best wishes with whatever your next dream is.
    Jim & Rhonda

    • Not to worry, we still have a ways to go! And plenty more to say about the road. Not planning to sell the good life until March-April :)

  2. Selling the good life, what are you talking about?! Sell the truck, keep the good life for yourself. Maybe this is one of those marketing tricks… oh I get it, good work. You’ll have to forgive, I’m a bit slow.

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